Restless Reviews

About the Author

Hello there! My name is Icarus.

I'm a writer trying to get my Master's in Library and Information Science.
I like to write media analysis essays, poetry, reviews, and short fiction.
I currently take commissions!

This site is my attempt to learn coding for fun.
I'm currently using CodeAcademy and W3Schools, but I'd welcome any pointers and other resources!

My writing and critiques come from a place of being queer, neurodivergent, and mentally ill. I talk about these things a lot.

My pronouns are he/him and fae/faer. I am transmasc and identify as mlm and polyamorous!

Rules for Interaction

Just be nice!

TERFs are not welcome here!


I have two practice pages right now: a page on tattoos I plan to get, and an essay I wrote on reading characters as autistic.